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What we do

Support to non-profit organisations

The following are provided to non-profit organisations:

  • Funding
  • Renovation works painting, plumbing, etc
  • Services consulting, networking, transports etc
  • Goods appliances, furniture, medical equipment, food, clothing, pharmaceuticals


  • AGKALIA NGO (Lesvos)
  • Association for the Protection of the Unborn Child - Agkalia
  • St. Dimitrios, Plaka – Charitable Fund
  • St. Euthymios, Keratsini – Charitable Fund
  • St. Philothei, Ekali – Charitable Fund
  • St. Cosmas Aetolos, Maroussi – Charitable Fund
  • Galilee Palliative Care Unit
  • The Voluntary Ministry of Hospital Patiens, EDANI
  • St. George, of Dionissos – Charitable Fund
  • Juvenile Special Detention Centre of Avlona
  • Filothei Athinaia Orphanage
  • Hellenic Centre for Intercultural Psychiatry and Care
  • Philanthropic Institution «Good Samaritan», nursing home
  • Apostoli- Karelleio Center for Alzheimer's and Related Diseases
  • Open Centre on the Protection of Children and Families, Eleusis
  • Social Grocery, Maroussi
  • Communal Space for Food, Petralona, soup kitchen
  • Lois Nursing Home
  • Meropion Charity Foundation
  • House of Patristic Studies
  • Ecumenical Federation of Costantinopolitans, nursing home
  • Οnisimos, Association for the Assistance of Prisoners
  • Pammakaristos Children’s Foundation
  • Panhellenic Association of Parents and Guardians of Disabled Individuals – Mentally Handicapped (PEGAP-NY)
  • Greek Alliance for Rare Diseases (PESPA)
  • Social Grocery of Kifissia Maroussi and Oropos Diocese
  • Panhellenic Society of Friends of Large Families
  • Ηοuse of Christian Love, Ladies’ Nursing Home
  • Church of St. Paraskevi, Nursing Home
  • Association of Georgians in Athens
  • Child Care Association of Athens, SMA
  • The Holy Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Maroussi Soup Kitchen
  • Food Bank—Institution Against Hunger
  • Children’s Home Foundation
  • Welfare program of Holy Cross Monastery, Corinth
  • Hariseio Nursing Home
  • Mimikopoulou Foundation
  • Syrians’ House, Athens
  • Holly Trinity Nursing Home
  • Μyrtillo Social Cooperative Entrerprise with a Special Purpose
  • Piraeus Care Home
  • Apostoli NGO
  • Agia Tabitha, Nursing Home
  • Palladion Boarding School
  • Margarita Vocational Training Centre
  • "We Care" Program
  • Friends of the Homeless of Pedion Areos
  • Arc of the World--Kivotos
  • Child Care Service «Anarrotirio Pentelis»
  • Center for Education & Rehabilitation for the Blind
  • Home for the Aged, Agios Georgios Lesvos
  • Holy Metropolitan Church of Kefalonia
  • Institution for Individuals with Special Needs “Hara”
  • Elderly Day Centers in Thrace
  • Charitable Society of Athens, Home for the Elderly
  • Welfare Charitable Association of Moschato “Merimna”
  • Philanthropic Institution «Panagia Eleousa», nursing home
  • Agios Simeon, Church of Metamorfosi Sotiros, nursing home
  • F.P.F. of St. Georgios Kypseli church, Home of the Elderly and Bedridden
  • Corfu General Hospital – Emergency Room
  • Specialized Unit for the Treatment of Children with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders
  • Radio Station of the Church of Greece
  • Villages of Thrace county through anti-riseis blog
  • Mission Anthropos: "Stiri-zoume: Medical and Pharmaceutical Care for all"
  • Kreouzios Nursing Home
  • Welfare Association of Lefkada, holy Metropolis of Lefkada and Ithaki
  • Our Lady of Hope Home of the Elderly of the Holy Monastery of the Sisters of Mercy of Saint Vincent of the Greek Catholic Church
  • Christian Home of Patras, Agia Skepi, Elderly Care Unit
  • Agios Therapon Zografos, Elderly Care Unit
  • Philanthropic Foundation of Andrea & Maria Kalokairinou - Heraklion Care Home

What we do

Support to Individuals

We provide to individuals belonging to underpriviledged social groups:

  • Coverage of medical expenses
    (surgeries, hospital care, medical checks, doctor’s fees, treatments, medicine)
  • Basic goods
    (food, clothing, home appliances etc)
  • Student aid
    (scholarships, tutor expenses, student fees)
  • Small subsidies
    (super market coupons, small financial allowances)
  • Coverage of basic living expenses
    (rent, utility bills, etc)

By 2017 over 2,500 families were supported and over 1,500 deliveries of basic goods, mainly food, electrical appliances, medical items (trolleys, hospital beds), furniture and clothes were effectuated. Since 2011, in partnership with the Food Bank—Institution Against Hunger, food is delivered weekly to the Holy Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Marousi soup kitchen catering more than 170 people.

What we do


Music Therapy is an established clinical intervention addressing the cognitive, emotional, physical, mental and social needs of older people. Music is the only stimulation that affects all parts of the brain and musical awareness is one of the last functions to be compromised in an individual with dementia. This makes it an especially effective intervention, even in people with late stage forms of the disease.

The program offers weekly music therapy sessions to non-profit nursing homes where the staggering majority suffers from depression and dementia. The visits are weekly and last a year.

Musikoparea is based on the principle of creating a trusting relationship between therapists and participants which evolves, with the help of music, into a convivial and fun exchange of emotions; a “parea” in Greek. Experienced music therapists unlock emotion, trigger memories, desires, skills and activate expression, speech and body movement, addressing the effects of dementia in an effortless and natural way. Since its launch in July 2016, the program has run in fourteen elderly care units (including two Alzheimer facilities). In October 2017, the TIMA Charitable Foundation funded the extension of the program to seven new nursing homes for a year, totaling twenty one elderly care units.

One of the concurrent benefits of Musicoparea is that it provides free education, paid employment and ongoing academic support to young, unemployed or under-employed music therapists.

What we do

Social Warehouse

A 2000sqm. Social Warehouse was created, exclusively funded and managed by ZP during 2011-2014 in a property belonging to the Mimikopoulou Foundation in Maroussi.

It has enabled more than 1,500 families per year to obtain free electrical appliances, furniture, medical equipment, baby accessories, household articles, clothes, books, toys and medicines. Extra care was given to the optimization of donations and the effective and coordinate delivery of goods. The Warehouse management was handed over to the Foundation in 2014.

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